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What is Pinellas Park Pharmacy ?

Pinellas Park Pharmacy is a full-service retail pharmacy that uses modern technology and proprietary software to provide a simple, more customer friendly pharmacy.

This includes things like FREE same day prescription delivery, automatic application of coupons, live pharmacist consultations and much more.

Every doctor can send prescriptions to Pinellas Park Pharmacy. Ask your doctor to e-prescribe to Pinellas Park Pharmacy. Any doctor can send prescriptions to Pinellas Park Pharmacy. Additionally they can always call on 727-544-4203 or send a Fax 727-544-5200. Once it’s ready, we’ll send you a text to set up your payment and schedule your free delivery.

There are two different ways to send us your prescriptions. Either tell your physician you'd like your medicine sent to Pinellas Park Pharmacy or fill the form to transfer your prescriptions straightforwardly to us. You'll require our E-scribe, which is 5729364. In case you have a paper prescription, you can drop it off at an Pinellas Park Pharmacy.

We’ll take care of it for you! Request a transfer via our app, online at, or by calling Pinellas Park at 727-544-4203 Just provide us with some information about your medications and we’ll take care of the rest. We contact your old pharmacy, get your insurance information, and transfer your refills to our pharmacy. When it’s time for your next refill, we’ll text you to set up your payment and schedule your free delivery. You won’t have to do a thing!

Pinellas Park Offers Smart Refills so you never have to worry about your medication. You don't have to keep track of the dates. We manage your refills and send them to you on time. We'll coordinate with your doctor and insurance company to make sure you never run out of your medication. We will text you to schedule delivery when your refills are ready.

Pinellas Park Pharmacy delivers your medication anywhere in Florida.

Yes, we do. Make sure you have your ID on hand, and that you can sign for your delivery.

Yes. It’s easy to manage your family’s medication with Pinellas Park Pharmacy. Ask your doctor to send new prescriptions directly to Pinellas Park Pharmacy or transfer your family’s refills to Pinellas Park Pharmacy. We’ll text you to set up your payment and schedule your free delivery.

Pinellas Park Pharmacy only sells FDA approved medications supplied by leading pharmacy wholesalers in the US.

Yes. As a full-service pharmacy, Pinellas Park can fill all medications, including specialty, over-the-counter, brand, and generic. Pinellas Park Pharmacy patient care pharmacists have deep expertise in many clinical areas, including dermatology, specialty, fertility, psychiatry, and more.

Mail order pharmacies

Typically located in different states

Restricted in medications they can legally store and deliver

Delivery typically takes 3-14 days

Automated or no customer support available

Pinellas Park Pharmacy

Local pharmacy located in every area we offer delivery

Delivers all medications (except Compound)

Deliver on same day for FREE

Live pharmacist available to talk to you whenever you need it

Pinellas Park Pharmacy searches for, acquires and applies available drug manufacturer coupons.

This allows us to regularly offer low medication prices that are below or competitive with most retail brick & mortar pharmacies. We price match most medications if you are able to find a lower price.

Need assistance? We’re here to help you.

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: 10am - 2pm

Sun: Closed

Our pharmacists and patient care team are just a text, chat, or an email away. Get in touch with us through Call, email, or text us. Monday through Friday 00:09 AM - 00:06 PM and Saturday from 00:10 AM - 00:02 PM and Sunday Off

Call or Text: 727-544-4203



Is delivery free ?

Absolutely! We provide free same day delivery, you only pay your copay. We will always let you know how much your prescription costs before you schedule your delivery.

We’ll text or call you when your prescription is ready for delivery. Select the delivery date and window that works best for you; we’ll keep you updated throughout the delivery process via text or follow along in real-time in the Pinellas Park Pharmacy app.

We offer free same-day delivery! If you need your prescription urgently, give us a call at 727-544-4203 so that we can make arrangements for a special delivery.

Medications are delivered by the members of our HIPAA-certified delivery team. All drivers have undergone extensive background checks and training to ensure a safe delivery of all your medication needs. Meds are securely transported in tamper-free packaging so that only you can open it upon delivery.

Depending on your insurance and your medication, we determine your copay and deductible (if any) beforehand. Our team applies financial assistance wherever possible and is always available to answer additional questions about payment.

In most instances, you can designate a safe place for medications to be left if you will not be home to receive the delivery directly.

No, in most instances, you can designate a safe place for medications to be left if you will not be home to receive the delivery directly.


My prescription requires prior authorization. Can Pinellas Park help me?

Yes! We will work with your health team to deal with prior authorizations as quickly as possible, so you get your medication faster. We’ll keep you updated so you know exactly how long the process will take.

We accept all major insurances, including government-administered plans like Medicaid, Medicare,Tricare and private insurances and will always work to get you the lowest price.. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 727-544-4203 and we'll be happy to help.


What forms of Payment Does Pinellas Park Pharmacy accept ?

We accept all major debit and credit cards. You can use your HSA/FSA Payments as well and patients can get a copy of their FSA/HSA receipt by signing into App or Portal and click on“Your Orders” from the navigation menu.

Yes, you can use your FSA/HSA cards with Pinellas Park pharmacy.

All payments can be made via our Pinellas Park mobile app, via phone, or with your driver at the time of hand-off. We accept all major credit cards.