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Talk to the pharmacist digitally at Pinellas Park Pharmacy because your convenience and time matter to us.

Free Delivery

We offer FREE same-day delivery at your door to provide you an unparalleled experience.

Free Medication adhering packaging

To increase patient's ease of use and compliance level, we offer free customized Medication adhering packaging.

Refill/Medication Synchronization

Don't bother; we are here to increase medication adherence through refill/medication synchronization.

Specialty Pharmacy Services

We cater to the unique needs of patients through our specialty pharmacy services.

Manufacturer Rebates and Patient Assistance Programs

Pinellas Park Pharmacy is concerned about its needy patient group for financial assistance. We offer rebates to the patient and patient assistance programs.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Regularly we organize the Diabetes Prevention Program to impart awareness among the citizens regarding sources and preventive care for Diabetes.

Diabetes Self-management Training

To help diabetic patients, our well experienced and licensed pharmacists guide them in taking care of different diabetic conditions and suggest precautions to be taken at each stage.


Prevention is better than cure, and Immunizations serve a motive to prevent diseases. We regularly organize immunization programs to make the nation healthier.

Medication Therapy Management

Our MTM program assists patients in managing their medication and health requirements. To be a part of this program, get in touch with us, and book an appointment now for a medication therapy management session with our qualified pharmacist.

Blood Pressure Screening

Blood pressure significantly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. If you have been diagnosed with blood pressure, our medical practitioners will take care of your Medication by providing effective therapy.

Smoking Cessation

It's very challenging to get rid of the smoking habit, as Nicotine withdrawal syndromes often make the process of quitting difficult. At Pinellas Park Pharmacy, we make things easier for you and save your life from these harmful carcinogenic agents.

Pet Medications and Supplies

We equally care for pets too! Pinellas Park Pharmacy offers veterinary Medication for your beloved pets for their diverse health requirements.

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